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Üdvözöllek a könyvek Világába, kérlek nézz be hozzám, akár válogathatsz kedvedre. Olvasni jó, itt elfelejtheted a gondodat, mert a Könyv Szelleme segit megvigasztalni, csak kérd szívvel. Az Időtlen szerelem Kerstin Gier fantasyjának rajongói oldala.

Bíborhajú 1. – A boszorka fénye/ Purple Hair 1 - The witch light.

Claire White is no ordinary teenager. Claire White Witch, even one of the last pure-blooded, of whom only a few have been living in the world, because boszorkányüldözők command of the cruel creatures, kill them mercenaries line. The eighteen year old Claire, whose parents died at an early age, difficult to accept otherness. Simple, ordinary young girl wants to be. Gideon, an old mentor and good friend while trying to escape the sight of killing one of the most ruthless mercenary, and this girl's life changes forever. The deep grief, loneliness and depression in a sinister, mysterious guy emergence breaks. But why is half demon, half-witch Kellan Black to Claire awaken, what is magic? And why do you want to defend him even at the cost of his life? How to face Claire depth of the friendship, the love, betrayal, hatred intensity, to put faith in himself and his own strength? The threat is constantly hangs over her head like a dim shadow ... The only one who knows that the greatest danger is nearing and the firepower everything flames fire.

Bíborhajú 2. – A Boszorka démona/ Purple Hair 2 - The Demon Witch.

Get ready! The tear frostwork numb!

The pureblood witch, Claire White lives a normal life, one that it wanted. Loved one, a half-demon with Black Kellan go to college, and infinitely happy. The pursuers retreated, while constantly monitoring them, a mercenary is dead.
But someone breaks their murderous intent ...
"The pain turned to anger. Suddenly everything turned red.The sky glowed and hot embrace.Kellan died.Well, the killer can follow him! "Could there be any more pain?Claire world collapses, the soul falls into tiny shards.
Infinite Wisdom of pain indicates the path that leads to an alien world.
Whence no return.
Assistant to the enemy, whom you can not trust ...
or does it?
Claire kindles hope!
The magic starts left behind to complete the ritual.
If he succeeds, you can come to every place,
if not, everything is destroyed
- with him.
The magic is still alive in you!

Bíborhajú 3. A Boszorka városa/ Purple Haired Witch of the city of 3.

Kellan Black mermaid witches curse thanks to enter the ancient city of Moldomusba. The reason I take the humiliating role to attain the dignity with which you can gain love, one of the last, Purple Haired Witch, Claire White's hand.

"You can decide the fate of the Worlds, and change the future."
Claire escapes Moldomusba biggest enemy, the father of attacks. Soon must realize that the city beautifully clear all other than what he thought at first glance. The new complexities old enemy chased his arms, and from then forced to take hard decisions.
"Killed me, empty, I became an animal ... I could not feel it anymore."
Victoria Cat Protection Witch who created a lost everything when a distractor life it puts purple-haired at. The history of more than four thousand years of servile creature comes to life on the page.
The final part of the trilogy Purple Haired reveals the magic recesses, blow away the gloom, and the secrets of intervention.
Do not mistake the sight of a dragon!

Bíborhajú 4. – Milan könyve/ Purple-haired 4 - Milan Book.

Index is a story who lost someone, and you began to feel the first time.
The bodyguard's gone!
Not that I need a bodyguard, just for me.
I am a Milan, Moldomus iudex! Purebred! Purple Hair!
I do not need tiny, red-haired, rather pedantic and annoying Trixie bodyguard! The great mother I am older, but how he presumed me?
Still, I'm going to look!
It's mine and you're done!
The from my kind only two left. Or is it?
There is this girl: Kendare, just as his eyes like a bodyguard, and just as glowing purple light as Claire White.
If you fall asleep, captivates the dream world, which is probably real.
If upsets, bluish smoke. Seriously!
Together, we start searching for Trixie,
before it would be wrong before anyone else would find out before you even come to mind why you want to find a ferociously.
However, the ice melts in the fire!

 Farkasok nemzetsége 1. – Megsebzett szabadság/ Wolves clan 1 - Wounded Freedom.

AD 955th
A Bavarian girl:
Flavia snatched from his home in the raiding Magyars. She comes as slaves and the camp of the enemy leader, Daval decide about his life. Flavia every opportunity to escape, but the man is not emptied.
A Wolf:
Daval standing at the head of a clan with her sisters faithfully fought for the country. adventures, battles break without make up their daily lives. The presence of the Bavarian slave girl profoundly stirred up the Wolves tribe of family peace. Daval battling an inexplicable fascination, while the world falls apart, his future shrouded in blackness, until the only thing the Commissioner believes that Flavia next to the place.
A bargain that seal the fate bot of them.
incapable of feelings come to life for themselves and can not do anything other than give in to the lay. During captivity Flavia confronted with reality: the Hungarians might not be a barbaric mob as he thought.
But the girl and the love of one day catching up with the unfolding of the past. What is it that even the barbarous Hungarians Flavia is more frightening?
The Wounded Daval freedom and love Flavia extraordinary history during the raids Hungarian.
The flag of the ancient flame in your blood!



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